Warehouse EDI Module

Many companies have decided to move to Third Party Warehousing (3PL Facilities) for their shipping needs. Most major 3PL facilities require EDI in differing degrees. ADS supports all the major Warehouse EDI documents:

940 –Pick Ticket
943 –Incoming Shipment Shipping Advice
944 – Incoming Shipment Receipt
945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice

These EDI documents allow for less data entry on both sides and more seamless integration between your company and your 3PL facility. The 945 shipping advice, when processed in the ADS System, can allow for billing of hundreds or even thousands of orders within minutes. Additionally, your invoices can be electronically submitted to EDI compliant retailers and emailed to non-EDI retailers with just a few more keystrokes. This enables you to perform previously time-consuming tasks in a fraction of the time.