Base Accounting Module

The Base Accounting Module may be all you ever need to run your business. Feature rich in all core aspects of your enterprise including Order Processing, Inventory Control, Allocation, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger, many of our customers have found this functionality more than sufficient to operate a small to mid-size company. As your business grows, our add-on modules and additional users

Our key design criteria include

  • A consistent user interface across all programs.
  • One step posting with full integration to all appropriate modules.
  • Open designs allow full access to all data elements for information analysis and report writing with every ODBC compliant program.
  • Drill downs allow you to see your detailed information from virtually every major inventory and customer screen.
  • Configurable software through user defined data fields.


  • Multi-company, multi-division, multi-season.
  • Internal email.
  • User note pad and date driven reminder file.
  • Security setup for each operator by company, module or by specific menu selections.
  • Flexible controls utilize master files, defaults & parameters setup.
  • Print spooler utility optionally stores reports for printing or viewing on screen.
  • Many reports and/or processes may be queued for overnight or repeated execution.
  • Selected reports & forms include a sketch of the item.
  • Extensive Customer Service menu provides instant access to all pertinent information from a single screen.
  • "On the fly" updates to tables from every screen.
  • System wide user definable text, table and date fields to replicate your business processes utilizing our open data base architecture.
  • Context sensitive help screens in many areas.
  • Well equipped classroom with professional instructors provide training in a building blocks approach.