Apparel Data Solutions is located in the heart of New York's garment district and our ADS 9001 ERP Software has been helping companies run their operations for over 20 years. We are continuously developing and improving the software to tailor to the ever changing demands of the apparel, footwear, accessory, and home furnishing industries. Over the years, the industry and ADS have both been evolving and as a result, we have broadened the gamut of what we offer. ADS now offers products and services that address all industry-specific technological needs, yet our software and the philosophy behind it still remain the foundation of the company.

Apparel Data Solutions' "ADS 9001" software is a flexible, parameter driven, modular software package that fits the needs of apparel, footwear, accessory, and home furnishing manufacturers and importers. The system is standardized so that upgrades are universal providing stability and reliability while enhancing functionality annually through low or no cost upgrades.

Our philosophy from the beginning has always been:

  • To provide a high quality and reliable standard package software solution, with frequent low or no cost new and enhanced package releases for all of our clients.
  • To fully support all major retailer's EDI and Technical requirements. One of the keys to our mutual success is our ability to translate retailer requirements into ADS software enhancements enabling our clients to fully comply with their retail trading partners.
  • To provide the highest quality customer service and technical support in the industry. Our customer service representatives are apparel industry and systems experts, well prepared to offer ongoing advice and assistance ensuring that your company maximizes the benefits and features of the ADS software.
  • To understand our customer's needs and to provide and support customizations if they are needed

ADS makes sure the software fits your company in two ways. First, by pricing the system based on the number of concurrent users, we enable our customers to start small and increase their software investment only as your company's growth requires. Second, by providing a 'menu' of optional modules, we enable you to start with only those modules that you require today, with the ability to add-on new functionality later as your business evolves and expands.

ADS has become a one-stop shop for all industry-specific technological needs. We offer EDI VAN services, UPC Catalog Services, GDSN Data Synchronization Services, RFID and Standard Barcode Label Media, Barcoding Hardware (printers, scanners, etc), Back Office Services, EDI Processing Services, Consulting, and more. We have helped many companies choose the proper technological configurations to best suit their needs and have also helped many companies who already have many of these services save time and money with less expensive and more streamlined options.