RFID Module

The GTIN/RFID module is designed to provide retail compliance with trading partners that are requiring RFID tags at the carton and pallet level.This module will allow you to create GTIN and EPC codes and supply RFID tags when required.Some of the features of the module are as follows:

  • Supports assignment of GTIN/EPC numbers at the sku, carton and pallet level.  These can either be user defined or automatically generated by the system.
  • Allows control of RFID requirements at the Customer, DC, store and sku level.
  • New Master files for Carton Type and GTIN/Carton Packing.
  • New Master files for Pallet Type and GTIN/Pallet Packing.
  • Creation of pallet contents based on user defined criteria.
  • Allow manual palletizing for multi sku/multi pick ticket pallets with full editing capabilities.
  • Creation of SSCC shipping labels and RFID tags at the carton and pallet level.
  • Supports inner/outer carton packing for assortment cartons.
  • Provides pallet packing slips with carton detail for reference of cartons to pallets.
  • Provides inquiry capabilities at the manifest, pallet, carton, sku, GTIN, SSCC and RFID level.
  • Integrates to EDI ASN requirements.
  • ADS has teamed up with Aligntrac Solutions Inc. to provide an upload program from the ADS system directly into the 1Sync System. This alleviates the need for double entry of fields already entered in the ADS system.