One of the most powerful features is the sales order allocation flexibility. Allocations may be performed in three ways, manual, automatic or using the latest enhancement to project allocations against future cuts. Rules tables may be saved to cover every possible scenario taking into consideration division, season, order date, start date, cancel date, minimum quantity, fill back-orders first, pro rate open orders, and dollar value. Additional filters by style, color dimension, group, category, license or material may be selected. In the latest release, "soft allocations" may be projected against work in process to give your customer information on expected ship dates.

  • Ability to assign priorities to customers, stores or orders.  
  • Create and save flexible automatic allocation rules with ability to allocate against inventory or WIP
  • Ability to pre-allocate orders to a production order.
  • System wide defaults to automatically create pick tickets for stock items. 
  • Ability to search, view and revise pick tickets before shipping.
  • Flexible programs to manually allocate orders by user defined search criteria.
  • Ability to produce shipping labels with detail information from pick ticket.
  • Fully integrated with the shipping manifesting module for creating advance ship notices.
  • Automatic pick summary reporting for bulk picks to allow warehouse staging of total pick quantities.
  • Allocation worksheets with ability to edit allocation.
  • Ability to create pack & hold pick tickets. 
  • Powerful "soft allocation" ability which allows you to project actual ship dates against all open orders.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities including the ability to create your own reports.