Retailer EDI module

Apparel Data Solutions' EDI Base module supports all major retailers that use the VICS Standards. All major EDI documents are supported. There is NO COST to our clients for additional EDI Trading Partners, or additional EDI documents. Currently we support nearly 200 retailers, constantly adding new retailers as the need arises.

The ADS EDI COMMITMENT is to maintain an awareness of all major retailers' changing compliance requirements to insure your ability to maintain a competitive advantage. Apparel Data Solutions maintains an extensive library of specific retailer requirements ("mapping" documents). A retailer code is included in the Customer Master file, allowing all EDI programs to respond appropriately to each retailer's unique EDI requirements. New EDI users are painlessly guided, by our staff, through the startup process. Experienced EDI users are impressed by our packages ease of use. All EDI modules are fully integrated with all appropriate modules. While retailer specific requirements are addressed immediately, our EDI system is updated annually with each new release of the VICS standards. We are currently supporting all existing VICS versions from 2040 through 5010, with a commitment to providing support for new versions as released. As your company adds trading partners, the Apparel Data Solutions EDI system "learns" your SKU/Store Codes and processing rules, on-line. This allows rapid EDI implementation, without the need to first set up multiple translation files includes full support for UPC Codes, customer SKU codes and NRF standard color & size codes.

The ADS software performs all translations and mappings to and from "raw" VICS standard EDI data.

  • 850- Purchase Orders in both standard and SDQ spreadsheet formats
  • 810- Invoices sent automatically from data maintained by the system
  • 856- Advance Ship Notices (generated from Manifest data) supports Pick/Pack or "Garment on Hanger" shipment detail structures, as well as Standard Pack Structure
  • 857-Shipment and Billing Notice included (used by some retailers as a combination 810 & 856)
  • 832- UPC Price/Sales Catalog supports all major UPC Catalog Services
  • 816/864- Store Address documents
  • 997- Functional Acknowledgment documents

Apparel Data Solutions’ EDI Premium Module includes everything on the Basic Module plus the following functions.

  • 204/211/215- Motor Carrier Shipment Information - Supports an outbound EDI 204 Motor Carrier Shipment Information document from the ADS Sales Order Shipping Forms / Manifesting module
  • 812/820- Remittance advice updates the accounts receivable regarding what invoices are being paid and what discounts are being taken on an accompanying payment
  • 830- Planning Schedule is a demand forecast based on the retailers anticipated requirements
  • 860- PO change notification document updates a previously sent 850 PO
  • 753/754-JC PENNY TMS or Dynamic Routing Guide
  • 753/754 JC PENNY TMS or Dynamic Routing Guide
  • 869/870Order status and PO change and cancellation notification. ADS provides solicited and non-solicited notifications of status.
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) replenishment program automatically creates replenishment sales orders, based on model stock. Replenishment program uses a worksheet approach to allow for review, approval and/or manual changes prior to generating sales orders, with minimum order quantities, cartons or value by store
  • 852/855- Product Activity/Replenishment * Uploads VICS 852 Product Activity documents from ASCII transmission files; Maintains statistics on store sales and in-store inventory based on actual POS data with extensive reporting. Statistical reporting is designed so that you can help buyer’s spot trends and make merchandising decisions based on actual retail sales. This will identify styles that are candidates for re-orders, allowing adequate time to react and secure this additional business
  • 855- P.O. Acknowledgment used by some retailers as a "reverse P.O.". Also includes Wal- Mart’s proprietary "DSD" document.