EDI Only

The EDI Solutions Package is our most basic service. If you are first starting to do business with a company that requires EDI, if you are continuously having difficulty with your current EDI systems, if you are continuously getting EDI chargebacks from your customers, or if you feel you are paying too much for your EDI, then this package is for you.

With the EDI Solutions Package, you wind up only paying for the amount of services you use. We retrieve your POs and email or fax them over to you. We print out your shipping labels and send them wherever you need them. We send out the Ship Notices and Invoices to your customer. There are many more transactions that we perform as well. Call us and we can go over all the EDI services we do, which ones are right for you, and how much money we can save you. We also allow you to log into our system via a standard web browser and see the status of your orders.